Lauren Kennedy

Marketing Coordinator

I'm Lauren and I'm the Marketing Coordinator here at Love Beets. I have a strong passion for food and introducing new ideas and concepts to consumers. Here at Love Beets I manage our events that range from trade shows to food festivals. I also work on our new product development and truly appreciate the vision and enthusiasm we all have here at Love Beets!

I randomly meet celebrities in airports. I have had the opportunity to meet Alec Baldwin, John Goodman and Sarah Jessica Parker. I truly enjoy cleaning, as crazy as that sounds! I have traveled through two tsunamis over the last several years. The first in Hawaii and the second in Japan.

What's your favorite Love Beets product and why?

White Wine & Balsamic. They have the perfect mix to accompany any meal or salad.

What quote keeps you upBEET?

"Strive for progress, never perfection."

What's your favorite healthy habit?

Cooking fresh and healthy meals each day at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Ice cream (any kind of it) and watching way too many shows on HGTV.

How do you eat your beets?

I typically slice them and add them to any sort of salad or incorporate them in my dinners as the veggie for the meal.

What inspires you?

My family.

Your favorite Love Beets moment?

Having the opportunity to work for an amazing company and group of people that share their passion and creativity each day.

Before you tried Love Beets, you thought beets were...

Some vegetable in a can that was on my grandmother's shelf in the pantry.



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